KING’S LYNN: What’s new at your local library?

New to Gaywood and King’s Lynn Libraries for January


Magic Mike (15)

Total Recall (12)

The Watch (15)


Grizzly Bear Shields

Conor Maynard Contrast

Of Monsters & Men My head is an Animal

Rita Ora Ora

Script #3

XX Coexist

Books - Fiction

Clive Cussler – Poseidon’s Arrow

It is the greatest advance in American defence technology in decades - an attack submarine capable of incredible underwater speeds. There is only one problem: a key element of the prototype is missing, and the man who developed it is dead. At the same time, ships have started vanishing mid-ocean, the bodies of the crews usually found burned to a crisp. What is going on?

Joanne Harris – A cat, a hat, and a piece of string

Stories are like Russian dolls; open them up, and in each one you’ll find another story. Conjured from a wickedly imaginative pen, here is a collection of short stories that showcases Joanne Harris’s exceptional storytelling art.

Ian Rankin – Standing in another man’s grave

It’s 25 years since John Rebus appeared on the scene, and 5 years since he retired. But 2012 sees his return in ‘Standing in Another Man’s Grave’. Not only is Rebus as stubborn and anarchic as ever, but he finds himself in trouble with Rankin’s latest creation, Malcolm Fox of Edinburgh’s internal affairs unit.

Alexander McCall Smith – Trains and lovers

Brand new stories from one of the world’s most popular authors link a group of passengers on an Edinburgh-London train journey.

Books - Non Fiction

Nora Abousteit – BurdaStyle sewing vintage modern: Mastering iconic looks from 1920-1980

The editors of BurdaStyle introduce key fashion looks of the past and deconstructs them so sewers can learn to use these iconic elements to make their own stylish clothes. Using five basic patterns for a dress, blouse, trousers, trench and skirt, the book gives step-by-step instruction on how to apply versatile techniques from the 1920s through to the 1980s to create an inspiring collection of fresh, new looks.

Nick Barratt – Greater London: A history of the suburbs

By looking at the whole of the Greater London area from Roman times to the present, Nick Barratt not only shows how areas as far apart as Hendon and Streatham, Ealing and Leytonstone developed over hundreds of years but also demonstrates the crucial role they played in the creation of the capital.

Craig Cabell – Blackbeard

Edward Teach, Blackbeard, is one of the legends of the so-called ‘golden age of piracy’. There have been so many accounts of his short, bloody career that it is hard to see him and his times in a clear historical light. This new study looks for the man behind the legend, and gives a vivid insight into the nature of piracy and the naval operations that were launched against it.

Judith Miller – From trash to treasure

If it’s broken, Judith Miller will show you how to fix it; if it’s past its prime, learn how to give it a stylish revamp for next to nothing; and if it’s in good nick or a valuable antique but you just don’t want it anymore. Discover how to turn it into money with a complete guide to selling on eBay, to dealers and at car boot sales.

Nadia Sawalha – Greedy girl’s diet: Eat yourself slim with gorgeous, guilt-free food

Nadia Sawalha presents recipes that reduce the calorie content of foods whilst still retaining taste and enjoyment.

Allan Staniforth – Race and rally car source book: The guide to building or modifying a competition car

This guide has been updated to include recent developments in competition car technology. It gives detailed advice on all aspects of building or modifying competition cars, including suspension and steering, tools and construction techniques, tyres and aerodynamics.