100 years’ on: King’s Lynn Zeppelin testimony

Zeppelin ANL-140228-130042001
Zeppelin ANL-140228-130042001
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A resident in Tennyson Avenue told the Lynn News he was just getting supper when he heard the sound of the Zeppelin, although at first thought it was a railway engine from the nearby rail line.

“I went to the back door and I saw a flash and before I could turn round to go back nearly the whole of the back windows of the house were blown in.

“A bomb had fallen in a field about 100 yards from the back of the house and there is a big hole in the ground.

“All the windows in this part of the Avenue seem to have suffered in the same way. I went to the front of the house and saw two more flashes. My neighbours on one side have their windows broken worse than mine.”

Mr R. Doyly Watkins, manager for Messrs Peatling and Sons, who resides at Kelmscott, Tennyson Avenue, states: “I was in the back garden of my house about 5 minutes to 11pm when I heard the buzz of an engine approaching.

“I thought it was a peculiar noise for a train and then I recognised it was an air machine. I called my wife out of the house and told her an aeroplane was approaching. I thought it was one of our scouts from Yarmouth.

“We were listening to it and then the first bomb dropped over in the field. An amount of turf was thrown into my back garden. I was standing in the garden and one piece of turf grazed my shoulder.

“All the windows in the back of the house went at the same moment.

“Then a bomb went in front of the house in the allotments near the railway station. There was a greyish blue flash.”