725 trolleys found in just 12 weeks across West Norfolk

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A three-month trial scheme to target and collect abandoned trolleys in West Norfolk has been extended after 725 were found and rounded up.

West Norfolk Council signed up to legislation allowing it to charge supermarkets £100 per trolley some years ago and decided it was time to put it into force.

A specialist firm that has been carrying out the trial is to be kept on for a further two months, though its remit will be narrowed to allow supermarkets to get their own trollies off the streets before they are impounded.

Brain Long, portfolio holder for environment, said: “I don’t think we were blighted with trolleys but I did have a problem especially with the ones entering places like the Bawsey Drain.

“A big cage in a water course works as a dam and could potentially lead to flooding. On one occasion I walked along there and counted more than 40 trolleys.

“We are easing back a bit now from the original trial because we need an appropriate response for the problem. We don’t want to be accused of being overzealous and hammering retailers for the sake of it.”

West Norfolk Council has now reduced the fee per trolley to a maximum of around £70 and will charge based on where the trolley was recovered from and how difficult the recovery was. Trolleys will also only be collected after 4pm.

Of those recovered in the initial trial, which ran to the middle of this month, more than 200 were from Sainsbury’s, in Lynn’s Vancouver Quarter, and more than 100 were from Tesco, Gaywood.

Though patrols for trolleys were carried out across the borough the vast majority were found in Lynn.