Accolade for King’s Lynn pharmacist

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The Chief Pharmacist at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr Mojgan Sani, has been appointed a Fellow of health quality standards safeguarding body NICE - the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

The prestigious appointment puts Dr Sani at the forefront of the drive to raise the quality of care within the health service and to help put cost-effective innovations into practice.

Dr Sani joined the QEH last year and is widely-known and respected in her profession. She was the UK’s first consultant cardiovascular pharmacist and formerly worked at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust in London.

Dr Sani said: “This is a huge honour for me. Fellows of NICE are seen as ambassadors, in terms of making sure their guidelines are implemented, representing them at regional and national level, and getting engagement on quality initiatives.”

One of Dr Sani’s personal themes will be to promote ‘medicines optimisation’ – making sure that patients have the best-possible experience and outcome by ensuring that the correct medicines are prescribed to effect a cure, and that wastage is dramatically reduced.

She said: “It is estimated that around £300 million is wasted within the NHS annually on medicines that are not used properly by patients and may be stockpiled rather than used as prescribed.”

Part of her role, with other NICE Fellows, will be to ensure that doctors are given correct medicines information, so that they can prescribe accurately and avoid wastage.

She explained: “If we get the prescribed medicines optimisation right in primary care, then we will reduce hospital admissions and avoid making unnecessary referrals. If I can make a difference even in a small way to improve the patient experience, I will have been fulfilling my role.”

Dr Sani’s election as a Fellow will also give the QEH improved access to NICE support materials and information, which will be of long-term benefit to the hospital’s staff and patients.

She has previously represented the profession, on behalf of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, on NICE. Alongside her NHS work she was also Visiting Professor at the University of Bath and national co-ordinator for non-medical prescribing at the National Prescribing Centre.