Aliens Love Underpants at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange - review

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UGC picture for Lynn News ANL-140328-085647001
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Aliens Love Underpants was billed as a ‘zany and hilarious’ family show and zany is probably the only way to describe the story-line.

My young son and I went along with little idea of what to expect, not having read the book by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort on which the show is based.

We discovered a tale of aliens coming to earth to steal underpants to place on plinths on their own planet, to be admired and worshipped.

The show came to Lynn’s Corn Exchange on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and at one-hour long was just the right length to maintain the attention of a little one getting an early experience of theatre.

The story was easy to follow, even for the youngest audience members and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for little ones to shout out contributions. There were also some fun and lively songs.

My son liked the scenes when the bright alien puppets were involved, but was a bit disappointed that they were not on the stage more.

The cast of four, who each switched effectively between numerous roles, did a good job of making the script expressive and entertaining, but it wasn’t a show that allowed for large spectacles, which would have perhaps suited my drama-seeker a little more.