Baby Logan shares birthday with Prince George

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The future King – bonnie Prince George – is not the only tot celebrating his first birthday today (Tuesday).

Princes and princesses across Britain share their big day with the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, who was born a year ago today.

And gorgeous little Logan Kendle-Johnson, from Gaywood, is one such boy.

Born by emergency c-section at 9.04pm on July 22, 2013, at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital weighing 7lb 7.5oz, Logan is a few hours younger than Prince George , who was born at 4.24pm.

Mum Danielle Kendle, 29, remembers coming round from the operation in the delivery suite and being told by the midwives that she had given birth on the same day as Kate.

She said: “When I found out Kate’s due day I wondered if we might have our babies at the same time. I wasn’t due until August but I knew I would be going into hospital for an induction two weeks early, and that made it around the same time as Kate.

“I was quite chuffed when I found out Logan and Prince George shared a birthday. I think sharing a birthday with a Royal is something to be quite proud of.”

Miss Kendle said like all babies born on the same day as Prince George, Logan received one of just 2,013 lucky silver pennies made specially for the occasion by Royal Mint.

The keepsake coin, which features a shield of the Royal arms, is now kept in Logan’s memory box, along with a Happyland limited edition Royal baby set from the Early Learning Centre.

Logan celebrated his big day visiting family and friends, and will be having a special garden party with a bouncy castle at home on Saturday.

One particularly excited little girl on the day will be Logan’s big sister Shayna, 4, who will be helping to make his birthday cake.

Miss Kendle said: “Shayna has been telling everyone Logan has the same birthday as Prince George, she thinks it’s brilliant. She loves the Royal family and has always wanted to meet the Queen.”