Beware of email scam, say West Norfolk council

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Residents in West Norfolk are being warned about a potential e-mail scam that offers a refund on council tax.

A West Norfolk resident contacted the council after receiving an e-mail from advising that she was due a refund on her council tax of £451 due to an overpayment of tax/PAYE.

The e-mail claims that the overpaid amount can be reclaimed by completing and submitting the tax return form attached to the message for processing.

The contact name given is Rodney Williams, Direct Gov Credit Office, Preston.

But Jo Stanton, West Norfolk Council’s revenues and benefits manager, said: “We are asking residents to be vigilant. These e-mails are a scam.

“We would never contact a taxpayer in this way and would urge people receiving e-mails of this nature to delete them immediately without opening the attachments.”

The council said that anyone wanting to check correspondence regarding council tax should call 01553 616200.