Big Eye, November 25, 2014

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You know how sometimes you get that uneasy feeling that you’re experiencing an event you’ve experienced before.

Weird and unsettling, the feeling passes and normal service is resumed, your day trundles on and your surreal moment is forgotten.

Well, last Friday, it didn’t pass and the uneasy feeling grew into a nightmare that I couldn’t escape from.

“Pull yourself together” I said but despite a massive effort of self will I found I had to read and re-read Friday’s Lynn News because it definitely seemed like I’d inadvertently picked up an old edition.

I checked the date and all was well, I checked the calendar and it seemed we had a match.

So what was it about this edition that caused such distress?

Well, dear reader, the reason soon became obvious once I’d calmed down and digested the content.

Page 2 carried an article featuring another new appointment of a chief executive at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Once again, our troubled QE has been allotted a new cutting and thrusting managerial nutcracker determined to whip this struggling medical centre into something we can rely upon and trust.

She’s certainly got the hang of the time-honoured soft-soap jargon and the waffling declarations to “implement improvements” and get the old place humming.

They all do! It seems to me that only a few months ago we were listening to the exact same placatory drivel from the interim chief executive who has now departed to make way for this new person.

The language they use always has the same buzz words ... ”determined, working closely, providing care, making improvements”, and my personal favourite, ‘the journey’.

Groundhog Day, moment No2, came hard on the heels of that announcement as yet another indicator of our hospital’s continuing malaise was also revealed on the same page, bizarrely by the North West Norfolk Constituency Labour Party.

They claimed that operations cancelled on the day had risen by a third and figures released by NHS England identified a 20 per cent increase in cancellations on the same period last year!

My final foray into the time-warped world of West Norfolk’s political shenanigans, came on page four where, unbelievably, our political masters have announced in Norwich that their obsession with building an incinerator is still something that they haven’t been entirely cured of.

Having splurged a cool £30 million in contract charges to Cory Wheelabrator after they had the commercial wool pulled over their eyes, these dozy councillors are still focused on their suicide mission to see a concrete shrine to our consumerism built somewhere in Norfolk.

You can see why I thought I’d accidentally picked up a 12 month old copy of the Lynn News can’t you? Nothing changes!