Big Eye, October 28, 2014

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Unless you’ve been slumbering in a glass ‘Snow White’ style coffin I think you’d agree that living in Great Britain hasn’t been a bed of roses.

We’ve seen a series of unsavoury characters come and go in Parliament.

The cost of living has rocketed and we’ve spent a fortune fighting other people’s wars as we’ve watched our hard-earned money flushed down the toilet thanks to the highly dubious antics of a dodgy banking system.

We’re up to our throats in debt and we continue to borrow money in such colossal volumes that it is likely our grandchildren will still be paying it back.

We are bankrupt but luckily, like banks, we are too big to fail. So, when our lovely ‘partners’ in the EC suddenly decree that we owe another £1.8 BILLION and we’ve got 28 days to pay you can see why Mr Cameron turned puce when the invoice dropped through his Chancellor’s letterbox. The EC reckon that we’ve been living pretty high on the hog and as such we can afford to send more money to grease the wheels of Strasbourg’s limousines.

Germany and France are getting a rebate because they have been struggling.

Now, I reckon somebody has been telling a few porkies.

The Government insists that we’re ‘on the up’, the economy is burgeoning and we’re one of the few EC nations who are on the cusp of economic success and yet it doesn’t feel like it.

No doubt their desperately positive spin has something to do with the election but I guess the enthusiastic numbers they declared have now come back in the form of a whopping demand for ‘back-tax’.

Something is seriously out of kilter and I think Mr Cameron ought to tell us the truth.

Either the EC is deliberately trying to extort money from us based on spurious figures, or the Government is lying to us about the true state of the economy.

It could be that everyone is wrong and they are merely guessing and waiting to see who’ll blink first and stump up the wonga needed to keep the EC solvent. Anyone with an ounce of wit can see that things continue to decline.

Tuesday’s Lynn News (once again) carried a distressing story involving the Ambulance Service leaving the remains of a deceased person at the Ely Ambulance Station rather than take them to Addenbrooke’s because their shift had to come to an end and right alongside this was an article detailing the local Clinical Group’s decision to scout around to find a business who might be interested in pricing for a contract to conduct home births, which is sadly not an option for young mums because of staff shortages.

Life and death decisions are being made for us by managers who struggle with slashed budgets resulting in suffering and misery.

We need our share of that £1.8 billion here and now, it must not go to Brussels and I’m hoping Henry and Liz are telling him so.