Big Eye, September 8, 2015

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The sight of the boy in his tee shirt and shorts who drowned trying to reach dry land and safety has cut everyone to the quick. Pictures of his limp body being gently carried up the beach represented a turning point in the way most of us regard these people although this catastrophe has been disgracefully hi-jacked by some MPs seeking to score points off in the race to become the Labour Leader.

As usual, we are facing a crisis we cannot control and until politicians find time to discuss it in Parliament after their recess I guess the hopefuls languishing at our gates will increase beyond our wildest imaginings. To date, record net migration figures from the Office of National Statistics shows we admitted around 330,000 individuals in the last 12 months which must be a disappointment to Mr Cameron who put on his best gritty expression whilst promising to reduce the number to the low “tens of thousands” as part of his plethora of glib election promises. That particular promise could never be kept because our agreement as EC members is to allow full and free access to all of the European Union and consequently we have no right to stop those people coming.

Many believe Great Britain is overpopulated and cannot cope with huge influxes of incomers while others will tell you that they represent growth and contribute to our economy enormously. Having watched closely the inexorable rise of the mean-spirited ‘zero hours’ contracts and the increasing number of citizens struggling on the minimum wage I have come to the conclusion (based upon my lamentable understanding of economics) that the laws of supply and demand are operating here. The demand for jobs is exceeding supply and whenever there’s competition or a glut you find that prices (or wages) fall….consequently while we have plenty of workers prepared to take minimum wage jobs we will have plenty of employers happy to take them.

The Government faces a dilemma that really cannot be resolved to anyone’s satisfaction. We are a civilised a humane country and we all know that our ‘fat cat’ lifestyles and crass consumerism comes at the expense of outsiders who are not permitted to share the wealth of our comfortable secure part of the Globe. But we have a right to protect ourselves and our way of life and although it would be relatively inexpensive to accommodate thousands of these wretches and finance their homes and lives we have to consider what happens when their number compromises our security and our society. An envious enemy watches at our gate and should the day dawn when we are forced to spend more on humanitarian aid than on defence we may rue the day these ‘trojan horses’ were admitted into our citadel.

None of this helps the poor little chap in his red tee shirt and nothing we do now will alter his fate but I’m glad I’m not a politician……with two lovely homes!

Now there’s a thought!