'Bright orange UFO' seen by reader

ANOTHER sighting of a UFO - this one in the form of a vivid orange light - has been reported by a Lynn News reader.

David Hicks (38), who works in the sawmill at Finnforest UK in Lynn, spotted the "very bright orange light" at 5pm on Christmas Day as he gazed out of his garden at Jarvie Close in Sedgeford.

"At first, I thought it was a reflection in the window but then it went up in front of me at about a 45-degree angle - it went up to the tree line then stopped," he said. My brother-in-law came out at that point and saw exactly the same thing. My house faces towards Docking and it was in that direction that it appeared. There was no afterglow or trail behind it and no sudden bursts of speed.

"It remained visible for two to three minutes but I have absolutely no idea what it was. It did not look like a firework, rocket or street or car light."

Reader Carol Finney has written in to say she thinks the "UFO" was a Chinese Lantern.

"About 5pm on Christmas Eve my son Kevin lit a Chinese Lantern for his daughtera Alicia (12) in my garden at Jarvie Close. It was about one-metre high," she said.