Business leaders’ worries over A47 King’s Lynn roadworks

Latest traffic news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
Latest traffic news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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Roadworks on the A47 are causing misery for villagers and business owners around Lynn.

Motorists are taking more than an hour to travel between Sutton Bridge and Lynn along with heavy traffic thundering through villages along the A17 are some of the problems reported over the last weeks.

The Highways Agency has reduced the A47 between the Pullover and Hardwick to a single carriageway while it repairs and waterproofs the bridges. The work is due to finish on July 29.

Buster Chapman, owner of the Norfolk Arena, had to cancel a speedway meeting on Friday and had competitors dropping out of events over the weekend due to the traffic. He is also unhappy about the lack of diversion signs to the arena.

Mr Chapman said: “The most annoying part is that the road was shut and there is no-one working nights or weekends.

“I came back at 10pm on Saturday night and there was no-one there. It seems a waste of time for people not to be working and to get the job done as this is affecting a lot of businesses.

“We had to delay some events on Sunday as people were queuing an hour-and-a-half to get from Sutton Bridge. It is ridiculous.

“We are quite worried as we have got some huge events coming up which brings a lot of revenue to the town with people coming from across the country and Europe.”

Clenchwarton has become a rat run for motorists trying to escape the jams on the A17.

Accidents have also been reported in the village and at a notorious junction in West Lynn.

Parish council chairman Sue Cross says the queues start at 7.45am and do not finish until after 9pm.

She has also seen a lorry trying to turn around on the A17 to try and avoid the queues.

She said: “The biggest problem is for the school children in the morning and evening. I’m very concerned about them crossing the road when large lorries are coming through the village.

“I’m concerned about the length of time this is taking as further into the summer it is going to hit us with the holiday traffic and it is bad enough at the moment.”

Delays have also been experienced by the First X1 bus service. A spokesman said: “We are still serving all stops but passengers can experience delays of 10-15 minutes during peak times and 10-12 minutes off peak.

“Our controllers and depot managers are constantly monitoring the service to minimise disruption and we apologise to our passengers for the delays.”