Burnham Norton saffron puts sunshine into baking

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Business news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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Award-winning home-grown saffron from Burnham Norton will be available for home bakers in a new, ready-to-use format – Saffron Flour.

A strong white version is for making delicious saffron breads and a self-raising kind, for scones, cupcakes and sponges.

Dr Sally Francis, of Norfolk Saffron, explained: “Saffron is often only associated with rice dishes and paella, but the tradition in Northern Europe, including Britain, was to add it to breads and cakes, especially at

Easter and for other celebrations.”

Saffron flour was invented by the Victorians, and was still being made within living memory. It was a request from a Norfolk resident that prompted Sally to research the idea.

“Our product is simply a blend of only two ingredients – flour and powdered Norfolk Saffron. It looks just like ordinary flour until it’s made into a dough or a cake mixture, then the wonderful sunny colour of saffron and its delicious flavour develop.”

Saffron Flour is ideal for experienced cooks and for anyone who is unconfident in using the spice because there is no need to work out how much saffron to add, nor carry out the grinding and infusing process normally required.

Saffron Flour is available in 500g bags with a recipe on the reverse. It will be launched over Easter,

at Creake Abbey Farmers’ Market on Easter Saturday and through Sally’s stockists. Details of these and for more information visit www.norfolksaffron.co.uk

The Tudors baked saffron cakes to celebrate weddings and the safe arrival of new babies, while in Sweden, saffron is used in Easter breads and also St Lucia buns, made to celebrate the saint’s feast day on December 13.

And in Switzerland, a special saffron brioche is made to mark autumn festivities when the cows are brought down from the alpine meadows into the valleys.