Farming skills on display at Fakenham

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The hands-on farming skills that were once needed to feed the nation during the war years, and before the invention of computers and satellite guided equipment, were on display at a Keith Farm Partnership field, near Fakenham, on Sunday.

Thirty-one enthusiasts brought out their tractors and ploughs, some dating back more than seventy years, to demonstrate what it was like to till the land in an era before modern electronic wizardry took over.

Some of the contestants work on farms driving tractors weighing up to 500 tons but for others the pleasure of keeping old farming ways alive is what drives them.

The annual event was started 40 years ago by the newly-formed Fakenham Farm Machinery Club. But 40 years ago the Norfolk Ploughing Society took over organising the event which, as usual, attracted enthusiasts from all over the county.

The aim of the society is to keep the arts and traditions of good ploughing alive.

Results: Vintage mounted: Bob Callaby; Vintage trailed: Dick Watson; Unmodified: David Dunning; Classic: Mark Frary; Ferguson Classic: Mervyn Aldred; Horticultural ride-on: Dick Gold.

Pictured is George Brett Reynolds who competed in the first ploughing match 40 years ago.