King’s Lynn businesswoman closes recruitment agency to start new support service

Heather Garrod
Heather Garrod
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Businesswoman Heather Garrod owner of HS Recruitment has decided to call time on her agency, which she has successfully operated for 25 years, and start a new venture.

Over the years she set herself a “gold standard” as a highly ethical recruiter and has also been a leading figure in local business networks, including the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, BNI, the Ladies Network and as a governor of Lynn’s Greyfriars Primary School.

Heather decided that after 25 years running a team of hundreds of temps and placing people in approximately 50,000 jobs with local businesses, the time had come to do something new.

She said: “I have loved everything to do with recruitment since my early days in the business. It has been an absolute joy to find the right people for jobs in which they could shine and contribute, as well as earning a living. Not quite so enjoyable was the paperwork that went with having a successful business, but it did enable me to devise fool-proof systems so every aspect of my two businesses – HS Recruitment and, later, HS Care – was tightly managed and highly compliant with every new piece of legislation as it was introduced.

“I was also particularly proud of the trust my many clients placed in me, and I will greatly miss finding the ideal candidate or temp for them. Deciding to close HS Recruitment and HS Care when they were so effective and profitable was a hard thing to do but everyone reaches a stage when they just want to do something new.

“I have been asked why I didn’t just sell the companies but, for me, both businesses were a very personal commitment to being part of the business community here in West Norfolk. So, I chose instead to close the businesses which my name is so closely linked with. I am pleased to say that I was able to help all my staff who wanted to continue working, to find roles which suited their skills and enthusiasm; and I will always be proud of everything my teams achieved.”

Heather is currently planning a specialist support service for companies, as well as the development of business development training. First, however, was a well-deserved Christmas holiday overseas – the first in 12 years.

“It seems strange to have a little time for myself right now after so many years of very early starts and late night finishes but after my holiday I will be back in action, doing what I do best. Encouraging business people to keep moving forward and to make the local economy strong.”