Language lessons for youngsters in King’s Lynn and Wisbech

Kate Norman and Anna Sterling ANL-140326-111542001
Kate Norman and Anna Sterling ANL-140326-111542001

Lessons in French and Spanish aimed at nursery and primary schoolchildren will be brought to Lynn and Wisbech through a Lingotot franchise run by a secondary school teacher.

Kate Norman, from Wisbech, who has a 16-month-old daughter Emily, will be co-ordinating a group of experienced tutors to head sessions and nursery and primary school lessons.

As well as providing fun-filled lessons in schools, Kate intends to also lead weekend community sessions in Lynn to pass on her experience of French and Spanish.

Primary schools across the UK will need to offer compulsory language lessons from September this year, but some may struggle to find qualified teaching staff, after previous governments removed compulsory lessons from the curriculum.

Kate said: “The changes mean that many primary school heads will soon be looking for language teachers. There is going to be a high demand, which could mean a shortage. Lingotot lessons link with KS1 and KS2 and tutors will also mark work.

“Studies show that the earlier a child learns a language the more quickly they pick it up and more likely they are to become fluent.

“Lingotot has been teaching children from when they can virtually speak, and have found that the youngest find learning languages so much easier, especially when it’s a fun lesson.”

For details of classes and future community sessions call 0845 680 8148.