Review: The ‘One’ to watch - One: Unity in Music

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On Friday night, I headed over to Lynn Corn Exchange, my rock chick head on and my feet prepared to jump around to heavy guitars and banging drum solos.

The Future of Music pull out a guitar and serenade us whilst we wait for the gig to begin. Their lyrics are raw and honest. One of the songs, is about the singer’s parents’ divorce and there is vulnerability behind the swagger that is endearing.

Menshevik are the first band, all hardcore punk bass guitars and screaming vocals, and I struggle to make out one word although as I turn to scan the crowd most people are singing along.

Faintest Idea are next with their upbeat tempo, quick spoken lyrics and funky mix of saxophone and trombone keeping you smiling all the way through.

It is almost impossible not to move during their performance and the room is full of heads bobbing, feet tapping.

Vanilla Pod are energetic, grabbing your attention with both hands and refusing to let you go. You can tell they have been performing for a long time, they are flawless in every way and it is easy to compare them to big bands within their genre.

The First describe themselves as melodic rock and this is the first band of the night that I would listen to in my car.

Their material is mature, with almost poetic lyrics, stadium-worthy guitar riffs and catchy melodies.

Twisted Melon definitely saved the best for last. Rebelation’s vocals are beautiful, consistent and harmonious. As they finish their last song, the crowd are screaming for one more track and they reappear to rapturous applause.

One was spectacular from start to finish and has given event organisers in Norwich and Cambridge something to think about.

The line-up was stellar, the organisation seamless and the fact that all proceeds went to charity is just another plus on an already flawless score card.

by Vikki Kinnear