Call to protect Bawsey beauty spot from ‘lazy’ flytippers

Further mess in Sandy Lane
Further mess in Sandy Lane

A petrol engine dumped in Sandy Lane Picture: SUPPLIED

Robert Mallett and his family regularly walk their dog along Sandy Lane in Bawsey and have noticed a pile of rubbish building up over time.

A petrol tank still containing fuel, planks of wood, along with a host of other rubbish have been seen by the Lynn family.

Last month, landowners around Sandy Lane voiced concerns about the flytipping and other inappropriate behaviour which is occurring in the area.

Flytippers have been dumping bags of rubbish, tyres, pallets and even an old television cabinet along the lane rather than going to Lynn’s recycling centre, which is about 15 minutes away.

Mr Mallett said: “The flytipping is absolutely disgusting.

“This is such a beautiful area but if something is not done soon we are going to be wading through the rubbish.

“I have seen people have a picnic there and then just drive away and leave their rubbish behind them.

“One of the engine parts smells of petrol and I have concerns about that.

“This is a such a beautiful area with fantastic wildlife.

“It is a shame that people are lazy.”

New owner of Bawsey Pits, Stephen Bacon, has made calls for some form of gates to be installed to prevent vehicles from getting onto the lane, without stopping access for cyclists and horse riders.

Last month, Mr Bacon expressed concerns after used needles and condoms had been found in the area, along with a host of rubbish.

His staff are litter picking around the country park five days a week.

He said: “People go along to a beauty spot to admire the countryside and do not want to see the rubbish, especially as civic amenities sites or scrap metal recycling businesses are so close.

“I would like to respectfully ask the council to investigate this.

“I feel the only solution is put up kissing gates at both ends so people can walk through and enjoy it rather than the flytippers.

“A step-over gate which would allow access for horses, cyclists and walkers would be good to stop the vans and cars who abuse the area.”

Deputy leader of West Norfolk Council and ward member, Alistair Beales, has been looking into the situation.

He said: “These things take a little time but there will be a meeting in the near future and I hope to start moving forward with that.”

In the last year, the council has cleared 1,905 flytips from public land.

The council has spent around £59,000 last year in clearing up these sites and is appealing for people to report incidents.

Fly tipping can now be reported on line by visiting the council’s website www. .

Alternatively, people are advised to call the clean-up line 0800 253 2687.