Car impounded for dangerous parking at Bawsey Pits

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One motorist had his car impounded and another was fined for parking dangerously outside tragedy spot Bawsey Pits at the weekend.

Visitors are continuing to flood to the beauty spot where the car park gates have been locked since two people drowned there last summer.

Site owners Sibelco have employed wardens to remind people to keep out of the water after numerous sightings of people ignoring danger signs that make it clear swimming is banned.

A spokesman for the firm said: “The wardens have been there since 6 ‘0’ clock Monday morning and have been approaching people offering whatever safety advice they think is appropriate. The reaction from some has been very positive while the reaction from others has been very cool.

“Since the gates closed the number of sacks of rubbish being cleared from the area has gone from about 160 sacks per week to something like 60 sacks. There is no question that the site is still busy but not as busy as last year.

“Bawsey is a wonderful resource for people in West Norfolk. All they simply must not do is enter or use the water.”

The company is in the midst of working with the public to draw up plans for future redevelopment of the site to make it safer and more usable.

Police were called to the site at 2.30am on Wednesday morning and dispersed a group of people who had congregated in the area by one of the lakes.

A police spokesperson said: “Areas with open water such as Bawsey Pits are very dangerous, particularly in hours of darkness. We would strongly advice people to not attend these areas in such circumstances.”

Officers were called to the area on both Saturday and Sunday to reports of dangerous parking.

On Saturday, three cars were deemed to be causing an obstruction – one was removed by the driver, one vehicle was issued with a £50 fixed penalty notice for causing an unnecessary obstruction and the other vehicle was seized by officers. The motorist will face a bill of around £150 to get it back.

On Sunday, none of the vehicles were deemed to be causing a direct obstruction but signs were put out warning motorists to drive with caution through the area.

Lindsey Abel, who took over the nearby Sandboy pub in September has had to introduce a £5 parking fee to deter non-patrons from abusing her car park.

She said: “It makes my blood boil to see people park and just walk across the road. We have been monitoring it and most people have been respectful.”