Cash from A47 roadworks fines ‘should be spent here’, says King’s Lynn councillor

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Money made from the fines imposed on drivers during the recent A47 roadworks should be spent in West Norfolk, a Lynn councillor has claimed.

Thousands of drivers were caught breaching the temporary 30 miles per hour limit on the stretch between the Pullover and Hardwick roundabouts during the works, which were finally completed last week.

Now, Alexandra Kemp, county councillor for the Clenchwarton and Lynn South division, has called for the money made in fines during the project, which will run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, to be spent locally.

She said: “The closure of the gateway to Lynn has cost people lost working time, lost business and lost money.

“I am clear that the right thing to do is for all the money paid in speeding fines during the works to be given back to the borough as a special fund for local amenities.”

Currently, the money generated from speeding fines goes into a central government fund.

Meanwhile, the revenue generated from drivers who choose to go on a speed awareness course goes towards the running of future courses and casualty reduction initiatives.

Although police have not yet released the final total of motorists fined during the works, it was revealed last month that more than 2,000 had fallen foul of the restrictions up to that point.

And, with drivers typically being fined £100 for a speeding offence, the total cost to motorists of the temporary limit, which was enforced by speed cameras, is likely to be more than £200,000.

West Norfolk Council leader Nick Daubney said he sympathised with Miss Kemp’s idea, which he described as “inspired”, although he does not expect any money to be forthcoming.

And he echoed Miss Kemp’s call for lessons to be learned from the way the project was handled.

He said: “I know from the emails I got and the telephone calls I got it was a deeply frustrating experience and one I don’t want to see repeated.”