Coasthopper buses between Hunstanton and Lynn to be increased

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The Coasthopper bus service, which was at risk of being axed during winter months last year, is now, instead, being extended and improved.

The expanded Norfolk Green service will be formally launched tomorrow and will begin operating between Lynn and Hunstanton next week.

Managing director Andrew Dyer said “We are very proud of the way Coasthopper has developed over the last 18 years in partnership with Norfolk County Council and this is the latest enhancement to the service.”

From Monday, the Coasthopper will run every half an hour between Lynn and Hunstanton during the daytime rather than the current hourly service. In addition, some of the journeys will run into the village of Heacham.

Philippa Sewell, clerk to Heacham Parish Council, said: “I have to say that bringing the Coasthopper through the village will be very useful.

“We are a large village and for some people to walk up to the Broadway stop on the A149 is quite a way.

“It will certainly make it much more user friendly for our residents and we hope they will take full advantage of the service being offered.

“In the current climate, most of us expect cuts rather than additional services so this has come as a very pleasant and welcome surprise.”

Earlier this year, it emerged that the county council and Norfolk Green had come to an agreement where the council would go on subsidising the winter service, but cut support in the summer.

Tracy Jessop, assistant director for Highways and Transport at Norfolk County Council, said: “We are pleased to see that an increased demand has enabled Norfolk Green to increase the frequency of the winter Coasthopper service and to provide more services through the village of Heacham.

“The council continues to subsidise the winter service and so any increased patronage helps to make the service more sustainable for the future.”

More than 2,700 people signed a petition to save the Coasthopper.