Brancaster bank badly damaged by surge

 Brancaster Bank Damaged by high tide

Brancaster Bank Damaged by high tide

At Brancaster a huge saltwater lake had formed after widespread flooding across what was normally marshland with tidal creeks.

The storm surge had taken out great chunks of the bank which runs parallel to the road to the beach and upon which was a well-used footpath to the shoreline. There were at least three significant breaks in the bank where water had shifted tons of soil causing the bank to collapse. In addition along much of its length the bank had been eroded by the surging waters.

At the beach itself sand dunes had been cut away leaving exposed netted stones and rocks, which formed some of the foundations of the sand banks, and a vertical “cliff” of sand several feet high.

The course of the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club was closed with parts of the course under water and sand covering greens closest to the beach.




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