Downham woman’s dog had 18in waist

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Downham woman Samantha Clark, has been banned from keeping dogs for five years after her Great Dane was found starving.

The animal, Roxy, was discovered living in filthy conditions with a waist of just 18in.

Clark, 32, of Glebe Road, was also made to pay £1,500 in costs as well fined £220 plus £20 victim surcharge at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, May 14, after pleading guilty to neglecting her pet.

Clark pleaded guilty to failing to investigate and address the causes of poor body condition and weight loss contrary to the Animal Welfare Act and also failing to meet under the act the need for a suitable diet and fresh drinking water of an animal in her care.

The RSPCA visited in November 2012 after concern was raised about Roxy.

The dog was taken to the vet who confirmed she was extremely underweight, suffering from dehydration and general neglect – with long unclipped nails smeared in her own mess.

RSPCA inspector Richard Lythgoe said: “Poor Roxy had been utterly neglected. The vet found no signs of any condition which would have caused her to be so underweight – so she must have just not been given proper food for a quite some time.

“All the signs were that she had been left living in filthy conditions with very little care or attention.

“It is hard to comprehend but I think the door was shut on this dog and she was just forgotten about.

“I am very pleased a ban has been put in place, hopefully this will stop other animals from suffering.”

Roxy was seized by police due to her terrible condition and placed in RSPCA care. She is presently with foster cars and has since regained her weight and will soon be ready to be rehomed.

Anyone interested in rehoming her should contact Block Fen animal centre, near Peterborough, on 0300 1230726.