Call centre in not so remote Hunstanton

Picture From Hunstanton
Picture From Hunstanton
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Companies have been outsourcing their call centre activity to places like India and the Philippines for many years now so it is a refreshing change to see a new business set up on the Norfolk Coast.

Partners at Eco Watts Solar, John Sheffield, Gareth Watts and Age Smith having all worked for energy companies before decided to join forces and operate from Hunstanton.

Having started with four staff all recruited locally, the business is seeking both telesales and mobile salespeople.

Gareth said: “Remote call centres often have a bad name and have been accused of indulging in high pressure sales. I’m pleased to say we are different. We live locally and can be seen walking down the street; we are certainly not going to upset residents.

“Also, apart from London, we are the only ‘renewable shop’ where the public can walk in and talk to us face to face.”

The business offers a full range of energy options, not just solar, together with monitoring systems so customers can see how much energy they are saving.

They also offer funding advice for solar systems. Open from 10am to 5pm daily, the business welcomes callers at their Westgate premises opposite the Sainsbury’s store.

In the picture are Gareth Watts and Age Smith with local recruits Leanne Crofts (seated), Zack Hart and Sarah Passmore.