Exhibition at Hunstanton Town Hall

james dunbar art hunstanton
james dunbar art hunstanton
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From Thursday until Sunday (10am-4pm) there will be an exhibition in Hunstanton Town Hall of paintings and drawings by James Dunbar.

The exhibition by the Hunstanton artist is called A Cliff For All Seasons.

James started work on the Hunstanton cliff in 2010 and held an exhibition in the town hall at Easter 2012.

He remembers explaining that his first task was to map the length of the cliff, and started at the north promenade and counted his paces until he reached the point where the cliff disappears into the dunes at Old Hunstanton.

There were about 2,000 paces in all and they were accurate enough for him to record, and find again, where he was working, so all his paintings and drawings are titled in Paces.

His first painting was titled “44 Paces”.

This was fine until winter 2013 and spring 2014 when the whole length of cliff had a drastic face-drop. But his work continues under the heading of ‘work in progress’...

The cliff had re-presented its appearance or face, if not its mass.

His old paces were no longer useful and his work is now a remembrance of things past. From the project’s outset his intention was to work with the ‘spirit of the place’ or find ‘the spirit in the mass’, and that