Fire strike pickets out at Hunstanton and Heacham - at a cost

Hunstantonn fire strikers
Hunstantonn fire strikers
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Retained firefighters from Hunstanton and Heacham fire stations supported the Fire Brigades’ Union 24-hour strike action and mounted an official picket on Thursday.

Firefighters all have day jobs too, and to participate in the strike most used a day’s holiday from their jobs.

Hinstanton Fire Strike 2

Hinstanton Fire Strike 2

Mother of three Nikita Coffill a retained firefighter based at Heacham also works at the Heacham Social Club, and her colleague Guy Tavener works in retail.

Guy said: “We should get a decent pension for giving a lifetime of public service.”

At the Hunstanton station Peter York was joined by Adam Hussey who said it was worth sacrificing a day’s holiday .

from his retail job to support the protest about firefighters’ pensions.

Peter said: “I took on the job with the promise of a pension and now the Government is changing the rules.”

During the 24 hours of action the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, that is not in dispute with the Fire Brigades Union, was called to a total of 17 incidents.