Football riot victim's agony

A RIOT victim who suffered a broken hip and perforated bowel after being caught-up in football violence has finally returned to Lynn after spending four weeks in a Manchester hospital.

Avid Glasgow Rangers supporter Dickie Adamson (60), of Terrington St Clement, was transferred to Lynn's Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Thursday. He claimed he was injured when a police officer pushed him over.

The retired postman travelled to Manchester to support his team in the Uefa Cup final on May 14 but was in the wrong place at the wrong time as troubled flared between fans and police when a big screen showing the match in the city centre broke down.

As police and fans clashed Mr Adamson, who was trying to shelter from the confrontation in a door way, was knocked over, allegedly by an officer, leaving him in agonising pain on the pavement.

Speaking from his bed at the QEH, Mr Adamson told the Lynn News: "The crowd was throwing bottles at the police and I tried to shelter in a doorway.

"The next thing I heard was being told to 'move, move, move' and I was then pushed to the ground by a police officer.

"Police were hurt as well but there was no need for them to carry on like that. I was standing on my own, that is what made me really angry.

"I know they had a lot to do that night but there was a lot of innocent people who were hurt."

Mr Adamson, who moved to the Lynn area from Ayrshire, Scotland, 26 years ago, had planned to watch the game with two friends who were travelling from Glasgow but due to the vast number of fans in the city they could not meet.

Having been helped by two men who were working in the area he was treated at Manchester Royal Infirmary for his broken hip and spent ten days in intensive care following an emergency procedure on his perforated bowel.

Mr Adamson said: "I was stuck in Manchester, four hours away from Lynn with my family in Terrington St Clement, in a hospital where I knew nobody.

"I was depressed and felt very down but I tried to keep my spirits up. When they told me I was getting a transfer back to Lynn I was so happy, I could not have stayed there much longer."

Mr Adamson is now facing the prospect of a five-month recovery period with physiotherapy and has yet to be told when he will be discharged from hospital.

His daughter Caroline Lee (38), also of Terrington St Clement, said she is disgusted by what happened and has made a formal complaint to the police.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed it has received a complaint after a man was injured during disturbances after the Uefa Cup final.

A spokesman said: "At about 11.30pm on Wednesday, May 14, police were dispersing a crowd in the city centre when the man was knocked over. He was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary where it was found he had a broken hip.

"GMP's Professional Standards Branch has launched an investigation into how this man came by his injuries, and inquiries are continuing. Two officers visited the man to discuss the investigation. Officers will stay in touch with the man to update him on the progression of the investigation."