GB triumph as Hunstanton resort hosts ‘Ryder Cup’ croquet contest

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It was a home triumph on the lawns of Hunstanton as the top croquet players from Britain beat their American counterparts to win their sport’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup.

The annual Solomon Cup competition between GB and the US was hosted by Hunstanton Croquet Club.

The teams, together with club officials and Croquet Association members, joined the town’s mayor, Elaine Clutton, for a photocall ahead of the four-day competition.

It is not the first time that the resort has staged a top international competition, having hosted the World Under-21 championship two years ago.

Pictured from left:Ken Wheeler, David Maugham, Robert Wilkinson, Stephen Mulliner Marcus Evans, British team captain Samir Patel, Hunstanton mayor Elaine Clutton, American team captain Doug Grimsley, Paul Bennett, David Maloof, Robert Hurst, Chris Patmore, Mike Taylor and Hunstanton Croquet Club chairman Terry Kendall. (Picture Elaine Bird