Going for GEAR with Gary - February 12

I began my active lifestyle at the start of 2013, beginning by taking a few measurements so I can monitor my progress against as the year develops.

As at January 1, my ‘baseline’ measurements were as follows:

Height: 6’ 4” (1.93m) though I am not expecting this to change!

Weight: 19st 0.6lbs (121kg)

BMI: 32.5 (Obese)

Running: Able to comfortably run one mile at an average speed of nine minutes per mile

Cycling: Able to comfortably cycle five miles at an average speed of six minutes per mile

Swimming: Not able to comfortably swim one length of St James Pool, Lynn

January was a difficult month to make progress in as I had suffered a bout of flu and recovered just in time for the snow to come down and stop me from getting out for a run. Despite that, I did manage to get out for three runs during January and can now comfortably run two miles at an average speed of nine minutes per mile.

As well as being more active, I am on a diet to try to ensure I am not putting too much strain on my body as my activity levels increase. At the end of January, through the combined efforts of running and dieting, I had lost 13lbs, making my weight 18st 1.6lbs (115kg) having lost 13lbs. This makes my BMI 30.5, still ‘Obese’ but just a few pounds away from the ‘Overweight’ category.

To overcome any further adverse weather, I have joined the Bodyworks gym at Lynnsport and last

week had my induction session. This started with a general discussion about my aims and objectives and the fitness consultant then put together a bespoke programme to help me meet those aims.

The programme starts (after a warm-up) with some weights/resistance work which will not only help to tone up muscle but burns off any energy being retained by the body from food. The programme then moves on to cardio-equipment, the treadmill, cross-trainer, rowing machine and finally a static exercise cycle.

The idea here is to raise the heart rate, improve fitness levels but also start to burn

off fat. I came away feeling invigorated but have to admit I have felt the after effects of the weights/resistance work, particularly in my arms, for most of the past week.

I was particularly impressed by the new Bodyworks suite at Lynnsport, a very conducive environment for novices such as myself to build fitness levels and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

I am also booked in to undergo a full bodyanalysis at Lynnsport, which will show how much of my body mass is muscle compared to fat etc. and this process will be repeated after 10 weeks to see if I have been able to make the kinds of changes I am hoping for by getting fit.

The last thing to talk about is the technology I have been using to track and measure my own

progress. I have been using various ‘apps’ on my smart-phone to measure distance and speed etc

while out running and walking and these all publish details of the activities via Twitter.

Twitter users can follow these updates @gary_mcguinness