Doctor helps improve surgical procedure at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital ANL-150320-162251001
Queen Elizabeth Hospital ANL-150320-162251001

Mr Zulfi Khan, a consultant at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, has made some groundbreaking discoveries regarding key hole surgery.

The doctor’s findings will help to improve colorectal operations, which are often undergone in cases such as bowel cancer.

His research has meant that surgery of this kind will be less intrusive and a patient’s stay following the procedure will be dramatically shorter.

Previously, a patient would require up to ten days in hospital, followed by three to four months of rest at home. After Mr Khan’s progress the key hole operation, otherwise known as laparoscopic procedure, would only need the patient to remain in hospital for a maximum of four days, with a recovery period of between two to three weeks.

Once the significance of the discovery had been realised, the Department of Health selected Mr Khan and several other senior doctors to teach almost 140 consultants across the country how to carry out the procedure.

The doctor himself said: “We’ve been years ahead of other hospitals in this field by developing, establishing and promoting cutting edge laparoscopic surgery for patients with complex bowel conditions.

“I take immense pride in knowing I have trained colleagues to carry out this type of surgery so patients locally and nationally will benefit from the skills we’ve shared.”

The advanced procedure will be supported by the installation of new, purpose-built operating theatres at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which will be opened later this year.

When asked about the surgery, Dorothy Hosein, chief executive at the QEH, said: “It has a direct benefit to the care of patients in our local community, but it also has significant national importance.

“We are continuing to lead the way in every avenue we can, which is why we have cutting edge laparoscopic technology in our new theatres.”

Those at the hospital believe both the improved procedure and specialised equipment will enhance patient care.

The British Journal of Surgery has since published a report acknowledging the laparoscopic colorectal surgery as a clinically valid procedure, for which Mr Khan is cited as a contributor.