Historic picture captures final chapter for King’s Lynn’s prisoners of war

Copy pic of Returned Prisoners of War 1914-1919 Kings Lynn and Neighbourhood ANL-140406-162615009
Copy pic of Returned Prisoners of War 1914-1919 Kings Lynn and Neighbourhood ANL-140406-162615009
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This remarkable picture dates from nearly 100 years ago and shows “the returned prisoners of war from King’s Lynn and neighbourhood 1914-1919” according to the heading on the picture.

It bears the imprint of local photographers “Reynolds King’s Lynn” and is obviously taken in front of Lynn Town Hall. It must have been taken some time after the cessation of hostilities on November 11, 1918, but exactly when is not recorded – although the mayor in the picture, Percival Thomas Chatterton was only the mayor in 1918, so presumably was out of office by May at the latest.

The photograph is owned by Ronald Peck, of South Wootton. He was given it by his father Edward James Peck who is in the photograph as he was a PoW in Germany.

Born in 1900, Edward would have been just 18 at the time of the picture. He went on to work on the railways, finishing as a train driver; he died in 1982.

The photograph was brought in by Mr Peck’s friend Frank North, who spotted it on his wall and said he found it fascinating.

He said the only other person anything was known about in the picture was William Bray, who lived on Grimston Road, South Wootton and worked in the flour mill at Downham. List of returned PoWs: Lieut AF Bird, Norfolk Regiment, and RAF; Pte FC Addison, 2nd Norfolk; Pte E Allen, 7th London; Pte AE Ashton, 7th Suffolk; Cpl BW Lott, 1/5th Norfolk; Pte A Bone, 1st Norfolk; Pte FT Bennison, 9th Norfolk; Pte. J Brown, Norfolk Regt; Pte. R Brown, 1/5th Norfolk; Pte ER Brock, 7th Somerset Light Infantry; Pte WE Bray, 3rd Worcestershire; Pte FJ Baxter, 1st Coldstream Guards; Pte E Borriman, 22nd Durham Light Infantry; Pte P Boyce, 1st Hertfordshire; Pte W Batterbee, 1/5th Lincolnshire; L/Cpl PG Carter, 2nd Norfolk; Pte VC Cullen, 9th Norfolk; Pte A Copeman, 8th Norfolk; Pte FS Chilvers, 9th Norfolk; Pte. RA Crome, Royal Sussex Regiment; L/Cpl J Drew, 9th Norfolk; Pte F Diggle, 1st East Surrey; Pte A Ely, 2nd Norfolk; Pte A Finch, 2/4th Oxon & Bucks Light Infy; Pte EL Graveling, 7th Norfolk; Pte H Griggs, 2nd Norfolk; Pte P Hampton, RAMC; His Worship the Mayor, Mr PT Chatterton, The Mayoress, Mrs. PT Chatterton; Pte. BC Jarvis, 9th Norfolk, Rflm. F Jubey, Rifle Brigade; CQMS FM Johnson, 1/5th Norfolk; CSM W Leverington. The Border Regiment; Pte GH Lusher, 1st Essex Regiment; Pte AE Leverett, 2nd Lincolnshire; Pte F Osborne, 12th KRR; Pte ST Petts, 1/5th Norfolk; Pte EJ Peck, 32nd Middlesex; Pte. CW Rudd, 1/5th Norfolk; L/Cpl FB Shackcloth, 2nd Norfolk; L/Cpl E Simmons, 8th Norfolk; Pte A Seaman, 1/5th Norfolk; Pte CT Smith, 2nd Norfolk; Pte JW Snasdell, 2nd Northants; Pte FB Sainty, 6th Northants; Pte FW Spinks, 3rd Worcestershire; Sgt VE Thurston, 2nd Wiltshire; Pte V Toll, 14th Northumberland Fusiliers; Pte A Tunmore, Norfolk Regt; Pte J Terry, 1/5th Norfolk Regiment; Pte AA Thorn, 1st Essex; Sgt JR Williamson, 1/5th Norfolk; Cpl A Ward, 9th Norfolk; Pte A Wilkin, 2nd Norfolk; Rflm J White, 12th Royal Irish Rifles; Pte AW Wilson, RAMC.