Housing plan for former Gayton seed plant

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A former seed processing unit which has stood empty since the 1990s could become housing if planners agree.

An outline planning application has been submitted to West Norfolk Council to build 33 homes on the industrial site next to Gayton Mill, on Lynn Road, B1135.

This application has been submitted as an earlier permission has lapsed.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs R M Bateson of Downham, are hoping to demolish the existing industrial buildings on the site and replace them with a mixture of housing, which will include affordable and executive.

The design and access statement say: “Redevelopment of the site offers an important opportunity for improving the visual setting of Gayton, especially as viewed from its eastern approach.

“The removal of buildings of such great height and scale from the site will enable many views – both into and away from the village - to be better enjoyed.

“New housing of the appropriate form and character will enhance the area.”

The application proposes to limit the homes closest to Gayton Mill to being one-and-a-half storeys to “maximise” views of this listed building.

It is also proposed to retain the chalk masonry wall, which could be repaired or rebuilt.

The application adds: “The essential east to west nature of the site predisposes it to a layout with the majority of dwellings facing south to north.

“This provides great opportunity for many of the dwellings to benefit form solar heating and energy – be it active as in solar collectors or passive using south facing conservatories to gain heat.”

The plans also include a proposal to add a pedestrian only access to the development from Litcham Road.

The statement also says: “It is considered that the general accessibility of the wide range of goods and services available in Gayton, combined with the good public transport links provide a sustainable level of accessibility for the site.”