Hundreds would pay to park at improved Bawsey site, survey reveals

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Four out of five people would be willing to pay to park at a beauty spot if their money was invested in the site, its owners have suggested.

The future of the Bawsey Pits site has been in question since a man and a teenage boy drowned there last summer.

But the site’s owners, 
Sibelco, have now signalled their intention to find potential partners to help develop the area as a country park.

Earlier this year, more than 600 people took part in a consultation exercise to give their views on the site’s future.

And dozens were expected to attend a public meeting on the issue at the nearby Sandboy pub last night.

Of those who took part in the consultation, the company says that 80 per cent indicated they would be willing to pay to park at the site, if the money was used for improvements.

However, just over one in 10 of participants said they no longer used the area because of its “poor reputation.”

Sibelco spokesman Nigel Canham said: “Throughout the consultation on the future of Bawsey Pits we have tried hard to be as transparent as possible and to give everyone the opportunity to take part.

“We have been given the clear impression that most people appreciate change is needed if the site is to serve the community better than it does now.

“Bawsey is much loved but more than a little abused by a minority who threaten to make it a no-go area.

“Events such as the one at the Sandboy are crucial if we’re to work together to secure its future and we’d like to thank all those who have engaged with us so far.”

The most popular activity was walking, though pursuits including fishing, swimming, cycling, horse riding, quad biking, watersports, athletics were also proposed.

And the company has said it will work to identify groups in the commercial, social, public and voluntary sectors who want to turn the site into a country park “worthy of the name”.

Mr Canham added: “The central themes will be outdoor enjoyment, sanctuary, culture, heritage and regional identity in an ecologically-sound and enriched environment.”