Hunstanton junior school’s Ye-Ha! day

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Redgate Junior School students from Years 5 and 6, accompanied by Mrs Hitchins on keyboard, Dan Ashby on guitar and Mal Ashby on drums , gave a hoot of a production of Ye Ha!

The double-entendres were flowing so quickly it was hard to keep up. The musical was watched by a near capacity audience including parents, grandparents and the residents of Driftwood House a local care home.



The musical featured a wild west town with a corrupt mayor (Tex Truman) and some unlikely heroes including a saloon keeper chef son turned sheriff, (Wilbur Hubbard), a masked hero-girl (Billie Jo Brisket) the slyest group of desperado outlaws possible.

My favourite was the seller of a magic formula elixir called Dr Cornelius Spooner who as the name implies worked her magic with one after another tongue-twisting spoonerisms, clearly a star in the making.

Ye Ha! had about six really well sung character songs led by soloists and followed by the whole chorus, really nicely performed supported by the mini orchestra.

The whole production was about one hour; a great story line and well performed.

This production would have graced the much bigger stage of a theatre and hopefully some of the students will go on to become stars.

Elaine Bird