Hunstanton old folks’ homes ‘should be rejected’

Hunstanton Plan ANL-140603-094109001
Hunstanton Plan ANL-140603-094109001
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A plan to build a block of 32 retirement apartments by McCarthy & Stone has been given the thumbs down by Hunstanton Town Council.

The council’s general purposes committee met on Wednesday to consider the proposal for St Edmund’s Terrace, which is immediately to the west of the recently enhanced Westgate Spinney.

Much of the criticism voiced in the committee meeting focused on whether the proposed design would either protect or enhance the character and appearance of the town centre conservation Area.

It was also pointed out that residential accommodation on this particular site, intended for “later living”, would be contrary to the 2008 master plan, which advocated linking the bus station and central car park to the High Street with a more vibrant area.

Several councillors expressed doubts about the need for yet more apartments in the town, when there appears to be plenty for sale already.

It was suggested that the proposed building, as well as being too tall, would also be too large for this particular site, which had previously been occupied by a single-storey petrol filling station.

Any views from the town council are purely advisory. The final decision on the development rests with planners at West Norfolk Council.

Councillor Andrew Murray told the Lynn News: “I listed 10 objections to this last August ... that has now grown to 14.

“I am very concerned about the amount of shadowing for the surrounding area and it would be very unfortunate after the recent regeneration efforts for The Spinney if it is going to be in shadow afternoon and evening.” Mr Murray also said that the whole plan made a mockery of the masterplan that had cost £50,000 to draw up.

“That talked about connecting the town with the seafront,” he said.

“The whole thing is not right for the area.”

n There are currently four vacancies on the town council, following the resignation of councillors Lynda Brister, Richard Bird, Nicholas Godfrey-Cole and John Smith.