Hunstanton pensioners unable to open windows due to duck mess

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Pensioners in Hunstanton say they are unable to sit outside their homes due to “disgusting” amounts of duck poo around their houses.

Brian Copeman, known as Scott, says he is unable to open a window at his home in Park Road due to the smell.

Brian Copeman at the entrance to his flat showing the Duck mess ANL-140907-190435009

Brian Copeman at the entrance to his flat showing the Duck mess ANL-140907-190435009

Mr Copeman says the mess covered a 12-yard area around the communal entrance, where residents like to sit and socialise. He is also worried about the heath implications and says his neighbours are also unhappy.

Owners Freebridge Community Housing have cleared the area and will be looking for a long-term solution.

Mr Copeman, who has rheumatoid arthritis, said: “It is disgusting. I can’t open the window because of the smell. I can’t sit outside when it is nice.

“It is stopping me from socialising with neighbours. There are four of us living in this corner.

“Every night a dozen ducks come and sit under the window and the next morning there is more mess.”

His son-in-law Steve Hockney said: “It is pretty awful as you have to pick your way through it to get into the flat.

“He doesn’t want to go out because of the smell and he is also not very clever on his feet. He also doesn’t want to be bringing it on to his carpets.

“They need to find a way of moving the ducks on.”

Staff from Freebridge went to the flats on Tuesday to clear the duck mess from the area, which had returned on Wednesday.

Colin Davison, Director of Property said “We appreciate the residents of Park Road bringing this to our attention.

“We will be clearing the area of waste in the short term and we are also reviewing our plans for a long term solution to the problem, alongside the other agencies involved.We do appreciate tenants letting us know if there are any issues with their homes or the local area, and welcome their comments.”