Hunstanton school’s end-of-rhyme time

Redgate primary School, hunstanton ANL-140108-173339001
Redgate primary School, hunstanton ANL-140108-173339001

It was rhyme time at the end of term at Redgate Primary School in Hunstanton as a Year 5 class was asked to write a poem about sport.

The literary gauntlet had been thrown down by staff at Sainsbury’s in the town.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We asked the class to come up with a poem about any sport of their choice. Some of the colleagues at Sainsbury’s thought about with all the sports events that are in the media these last few months it would be good to see what the children could come up with.

“It really was a very difficult to choose a winner, but we did. The winner was Jarred Link with his poem titled RUN.

“Second place was an untitled poem by Rebecca Wallace.

“The poems were read out in the children’s assembly.

“Well done to all those who entered the competition.”

All the entries are on display at the Hunstanton store for customers to read .

Here are the two winning poems:


On your marks, get set Go!

The race has begun,

I’m trying as hard as I can

In the scorching sun

10,000 metres

Is a long way to go,

And I’m so busy dreaming

I’m going too slow

But it doesn’t matter

It’s about taking part.#

I went for the win,

But I’m a proper winner in my heart.

Jarred Link


Oh no! It is swimming lessons again,

Every Saturday i wake up early,

Rise and shine It’s morning,

Waiting for my turn I was sitting and shaking as my teacher calls me as I walked over to her

She gave me a letter, a kind of letter I never get,

I opened it like a flash it said that I was moving up to the top group the biggest and the best.

When I went for my first lesson there,

I was the star, the best of the group.

Today was the best day for swimming

Rebecca Wallace