Incinerator banks on green investmentMLNF-

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Once again the issue ofthe incinerator seems to be taken a further turn.

It seems that a new bank has been set up called the Green Investment Bank who are wholly owed by the HM Government but on the website state that they have no input into it.

How convenient that this has happened now just at this crucial time. Do you think Eric Pickles knew this was in the pipeline?

This ‘bank’ has millions to invest in ‘green’ projects. I have written to them protesting about any future money they may put into it.

They are contradicting themselves by stating they want a greener planet by the amount of pollution from heavy container lorries to and from the plant, coupled with the emissions from the mass burner as waste would have to come from all over the country and possibly Europe to justify the expense of the project.

Perhaps everyone should write to this ‘green bank’ to complain.

Teresa Kirk

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