Joshua, 8, runs rings around Wretton charity effort

Joshua Cook (8) is making giant paper chain to help Cancer Research UK.
Joshua Cook (8) is making giant paper chain to help Cancer Research UK.

Wretton youngster Joshua Cook has completed a charity marathon with a difference – making a paper chain of 4,000 rings. The eight-year-old Downham Preparatory School pupil raised nearly £400 for Cancer Research UK with his efforts and spending hours cutting strips of paper and gluing them together. He missed his goal of completing the 4,000th by Christmas Day but finished soon after.

Mum Stacey Drake, 35, said “He originally wanted to make the world’s longest paper chain, but discovered the record for an individual stands at more than 1,200 feet.

“After some investigation he thought that might be too big a task, so he decided to make one for charity and set the number of rings at 4,000. He did so well to reach his target. Our thanks go to everyone who has donated.”

Joshua added: “All the rings were made from pads of coloured paper and I measured, cut and stuck each ring. They were not pre-cut ones as my nanny thought!”

The paper chain is still hanging from the family’s living room ceiling, and Miss Drake is now looking for a school or group who would like to have it to use as a decoration.

“So much time and effort has gone into it, we couldn’t just throw it away.”

Joshua is now gearing up for his next fundraiser – a run around Easter time in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.

The fundraising for Cancer Research UK is continuing and anyone wishing to donate can contact Miss Drake on 01366 502022 or visit: