King’s Lynn Academy’s cosmic talk

Education news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
Education news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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One of the men behind an ambitious mission to map a billion stars will be giving a talk in Lynn during the autumn.

Prof Gerard Gilmore will be talking about GAIA project at Lynn Academy in Queen Mary Road, on Friday, September 12, at 7.30pm.

GAIA was launched by the European Space Agency (ESA)in December 2013.

Its mission is to map a billion stars to a degree of accuracy never seen before.

Over the five-year period of its mission, GAIA will monitor more than a thousand million stars 70 times each, precisely charting their position, distances, movements, temperature and changes in luminosity to create a 3D map more precise then any before and is also expected to discover hundreds of thousands of new celestial objects.

It may even give clues as to whether this planet is really alone in the universe.

Prof Gilmore, who is Professor of Experimental Philosophy at the Institute of Astronomy Cambridge University and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society, will talk about the mission is at, how the satellite works and what benefits will come from the data received.

The event has been organised by the King’s Lynn 
and District Astronomy Society. Tickets are limited are £5 in advance and £7.50 on 
the door (subject to availability).

For tickets or information contact John Craythorne on 07871181264, e-mail, or view online at