KING’S LYNN: Butcher’s calls to boost trade

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A butcher has called for a lower car parking charges in a bid to attract more shoppers as traders will have to wait for a Lynn town centre revamp.

Clifford Prior says that lower fees and a softer approach by traffic wardens would help shops in a run-down area of Lynn.

Mr Prior made the decision to close his shop in Saturday Market Place in 2011 due to a drop in trade.

The butcher, who still runs shops in Dersingham and Knight’s Hill, said: “Getting rid of traffic wardens and lowering parking charges will help traders.

“I think reducing parking charges would help in January. People need to be brought into the town. The traffic wardens are not giving anyone a chance.”

West Norfolk Council announced plans in October last year to renovate Saturday Market Place, St James’ Street and Tower Street.

The £2 million Townscape Heritage scheme would be funded by a Heritage Lottery grant and money from the council.

This is one of a number of future projects which feature on the council’s capital programme and are being recommended to be rephased to a later financial year.

Cabinet members will be discussing changes to the capital programme due to the “depressed” property market and grants.

Council officers have recommended to members a number of schemes which can be moved from the current budgets to later years. The programme will be discussed at a meeting on Tuesday next week.

Council leader Nick Daubney says members annually review its schemes to take into account the economic situation.

He insisted there is no threat to the Townscape Heritage scheme, which is now set to go ahead over the next five years.

Mr Daubney said: “The heritage initiative is still on track.

“We do have to fit in with the Lottery timetable. It has slipped from one financial year to another not because the money is not available.”

Officers are also proposing to move £60,000 earmarked for the Hunstanton Regeneration to the 2015 budget.

Mr Daubney says the bid is going ahead as planned and that there is no funding issue.

He said: “Things are not under threat. Sometimes things take longer.”

The council is also being recommended to defer plans to spend £64,000 on replacing the bar and catering equipment at Lynnsport.

Officers are also advising putting back the plans to re-site the hockey pitch at Lynnsport to reflect requirements to use parcels of land around the site for large scale housing schemes.

Members will also be looking to delay plans to spend £32,500 on replacing the Arts Centre roof in Lynn and improving the public toilets.

Mr Daubney said: “What happens often is that we have a list of things we want to do and discuss with management when and how they can be done.”

A final decision on the changes will be made by the full council.