King’s Lynn cinema cuts prices

Breaking news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
Breaking news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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Film fans will soon be able to see the latest screenings at a reduced price – thanks to Lynn’s Majestic Cinema’s bid to support businesses by bringing crowds back to the town centre.

Cutting the standard price of tickets by more than a third, the team are hoping to encourage more to venture into the town centre to watch the latest releases on the big screen.

Manager Tom Cundy said: “We want to offer a price that is affordable to everyone, we think our prices are already good but now we want to encourage more people to come back to the town centre.

“We know shops are struggling and we want to do our bit to help.”

By stopping the Bargain Mondays offer of £3 per ticket, and introducing the lower £4 cost on all tickets, the team hope to spread their audiences over the whole week.

Mr Cundy said: “We won’t be doing the offers anymore, but we think that’s fair enough. We’d like to be busier on a Friday and Saturday night instead of all on a Monday.

“Sometimes a show will sell out on a Monday and have just 10 people in the next night.”

Mr Cundy believes that as a big part of the town centre, The Majestic has a responsibility to attract more film-lovers to the town centre where they will also make use of local shops and businesses.

He said: “We want to help our town as much as we can and we like to think we are a big focal point for the town. Us being busy helps out other businesses in the town.

“The owner of the cinema also has another cinema in Essex where it is £4 a ticket and he wants to give the same offer.”

The Majestic will no longer run Bargain Mondays, Student Thursdays and Friday Matinee offers, but will now have a reduced general price from £6.50 per ticket to £4.

This will be introduced from the beginning of the Easter Holidays, April 4, and audiences will still be able to take advantage of Orange Wednesdays which will see tickets at £2 per person.

Birthday Parties will also be reducing in price to £11.

Mr Cundy said: “We are expecting to be a lot busier on a Wednesday with the two for one deal, we may even need more staff!

“We are extremely committed and dedicated to improving The Majestic and this price change will hopefully encourage more back to the cinema and importantly back into the town centre.”

The price change has seen a huge response across Twitter and Facebook.

Paul White said: “The Majestic Cinema really is the jewel in the crown for King’s Lynn. I hope the revised pricing structure makes going to cinema and visiting the fantastic listed building accessible to more people than ever before. Run by a fantastic team of people who work extremely hard.”

Krystal Marie Howard said: “That’s amazing! It’s great seeing a local company stand up to the big chains, The Majestic is historic and very family friendly, also great value for money! Keep up the good work guys.”

Richard Alan Greenwood said: “What excellent news! When everything is getting more expensive, they are making cinema more affordable! The Showcase in Peterborough, Odeon and Empire Cinemas are so expensive it’s silly! Bravo.”