King’s Lynn dad is the best

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A Lynn father of seven is to be awarded a Compassionate Dad Award from animal rights charity PETA after his daughter wrote a moving letter celebrating his kindness to animals.

Painter and decorator, Chris Burks, 54, has been caring for animals for years and turned vegetarian when he was 20.

He said: “I don’t like to see suffering in the world, I just don’t see the need to inflict suffering if we don’t have to. It’s just about doing what you can to help.”

Chris has saved countless birds, taken in baby hedgehogs and rescued cats, voles, bearded dragons and any other waifs and strays who come his way. He also adopted a vegan diet, as did the rest of his family, including his seven children: Lina, Kesha, Anja, Miya, Bambi, Kofi and Tatyana.

His daughter, Lina, who switched to a vegan diet aged 14, nominated him for the award when she wrote to the charity.

She said: “All of us were brought up vegetarian and taught to respect animals as family.

“Pretty much the only thing I’ve seen my dad cry about is animals who he has loved and lost or the exploitation of animals in general.”

Hardly a day goes by without Chris trying to help animals, including those who are cruelly raised or killed for food. He even petitioned to save Marius the giraffe fron slaughter at Copenhagen Zoo. Now he will receive a box of vegan chocolates just in time for Father’s Day.