King’s Lynn dog in most naughty top-10

Manny the dirty dog ANL-140714-122002001
Manny the dirty dog ANL-140714-122002001

A Fairstead dog has been named as the eighth naughtiest pet in Britain.

With 300 pets competing for the crown, Manny the springer spaniel was up against pug that climbs blinds, a cat that licks milk cartons, and a labrador that shreds any doormat in sight. His picture, above, showed him within a few seconds of leaving the car at Heacham beach – soaking wet!

Manny’s owner Becky Shorting, 27, said: “He’s very hyper and always getting into trouble. When he was a puppy he used to sneak out the catflap, dig up the garden and drag bulbs into the house. We should have known he was going to be naughty.

“In the house he is lovely, but he goes mad when he goes outside.

“He has a bath four times a week because his favourite thing is to roll around in mud, and he loves people so he always tries to jump up at them after.”

Becky entered Manny into the Direct Blinds competition two months ago and had forgotten about it until he began appearing on nationa newspaper websites last week.

She said: “Friends and family have all been saying well done to him and he’s got a big ham bone as a reward.”