King’s Lynn firefighters help in flood stricken areas

Lynn firefighters take a break from helping flood victims in Berkshire.
Lynn firefighters take a break from helping flood victims in Berkshire.

Lynn firefighters have been helping the people who have been flooded out of their homes and businesses in the south of England.

The swift water rescue team was drafted into Berkshire on Thursday to provide important help after the swollen River Thames overflowed into nearby villages and towns.

Firefighters from Lynn in action in Berkshire

Firefighters from Lynn in action in Berkshire

Watch manager Andy Littler with crew manager Mark Bocking along with firefighters Dean Taylor, Paul Owen and Ady Bradshaw spent about 38 hours providing important relief to residents.

Yesterday the Environment Agency had 16 severe and 118 flood warnings in place in the south of the country following weeks of rain storms..

Mr Littler said: “This was the biggest mobilisation of the fire brigade since the Second World War and we were proud to be a part of it.

“It was a challenging environment and the crews were mindful of their training.

“The water was chest height in some places and in others you couldn’t stand up.”

The team, along with two firefighters from Norwich, were deployed to Berkshire on Thursday morning.

Initially based at Langley station, the team ended up in Wargraves, which was left underwater after the rivers Thames and Loddon overflowed.

The team and their boat were called into action to deliver supplies.

Mr Littler said: “We were knocking on people’s doors to check they were OK.

“We supplied fresh water and sandbags if these were needed.

“One couple had run out of medication so we had to ferry them out.

“It is going to take the population of Surrey and Berkshire many months to get back to normal.”

Heavy rain storms have been affecting the country for months. More than 5,000 homes and businesses are believed to have been affected since December.

West Norfolk was battered by a tidal surge in December.

1 Downham Lions raised just under £400 for the victims of the flooding in Somerset during a collection on Friday last week.

A team of Lions ran the collection outside the town’s Morrison’s store for eight hours.

The club’s Andrea Etheridge said: “We would really like to thank people for their generosity and Morrison’s for hosting us.

“The money raised will go directly to Lions Clubs in Somerset and they will distribute it. The money will be distributed to help people with drying out and replacing items which the insurance won’t cover.”