KING’S LYNN: Four doormen hurt as trouble starts at club

Heights nightclub on Tower Street, King's Lynn.
Heights nightclub on Tower Street, King's Lynn.
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Five men from London have been arrested following an incident in a Lynn nightclub which left four doormen needing hospital treatment in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police were called to a fight which broke out in Heights, on Baxter’s Plain, New Conduit Street, at around 2am after a man was asked to leave the club.

The man refused to leave and a mass fight broke out between the five men involved, all in their 20s and 30s, and the four doormen.

The incident sparked a lot of Facebook traffic as witnesses expressed their shock at the fight.

Tracey Dean, who saw the fight, said: “Me and my mate were right next to it when it all kicked off so we saw the whole thing. I was close enough to end up with blood on my arm from where the bloke was swinging the bottle about.

“There was a massive fight, three door staff got bottled and sent to hospital with a big gash in his head. There was loads of blood.

“Some people were getting kicked out and didn’t like it, there was loads of them. I hope all the door staff from Heights are okay after that night’s antics.

“That’s all most people go out for most weekends now just to have a fight no-one wants to go out to just have fun anymore. It was brutal to watch and hear about people using bottles.

“That’s the first time I ever seen a fight get that bad and out of hand.”

Tammy Wren added: “A couple of weeks ago my friend got beaten up outside by three foreigners and a couple of weeks before that my other friend got attacked.”

Marc Butler said: “And people moan about door staff being heavy handed, this just goes to show why they have to be.”

Keith Hucker added: “It’s pointless violence. What’s the world coming too? This is the example we are setting for our kids.”

Police confirmed the four doormen were taken to Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for further treatment but that their injuries were not life-threatening or serious.

Five men, who are all the from London area, have been arrested and police are currently investigating CCTV footage of the incident.

Staff have confirmed on the nightclub’s Facebook page that the club will be closed this weekend following the incident, but that it is due to reopen next weekend.

The Lynn News did contact the club’s management but they were unavailable for comment.