King’s Lynn fundraisers take Insane Terrain challenge for Charmaine

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A team of three Fairstead fund-raisers are taking on the Insane Terrain obstacle course challenge today, Sunday, June 22, in memory of cousin and girlfriend, Charmaine Black.

The trio are fund-raising to buy laptops for every room at Papworth Hospital, where 18-year-old Charmaine received treatment for cystic fibrosis before her death in April, so families can remain in contact.

Charmaine’s cousin, Teresa Turner, 31, and her husband, Rob, 30, will be joined by Charmaine’s boyfriend, Sam Scott, 19, for the challenge and hope to raise £1,500 to make Charmaine’s last wish come true.

Teresa said: “I lived a few doors from Charmaine and it still doesn’t seem real. I was at the hospital with her the night before she died and only just missed saying goodbye that day.

“She was just so bubbly and loud, you can’t imagine what it’s like not to have her around anymore.”

When Charmaine was receiving treatment at the hospital, she filled out a questionnaire saying she thought each of the 10 rooms should have an individual laptop so patients could keep in contact with their families and the outside world.

Her family and boyfriend decided to take on the huge challenge of completing the Cambridge obstacle course today to raise the funds for the laptops.

Teresa said: “It’s not my first race and I’ve been doing bootcamp to prepare. It should be good fun – Charmaine would have loved it.

“We’ll be taking her with us, we’ve had T-shirts made with her photo on them. I think when something like this happens it pushes you on and I think Charmaine will keep us going during the race.”

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Charmaine’s brother, Scott Black, 26, is also hoping to hold a charity ball in memory of both Charmaine, and their 22-year-old sister, Mary, who also died of cystic fibrosis.

He said: “Charmaine’s birthday is on October 5 and I’dlike to hold the ball the night before to raise funds for the cystic fibrosis unit at Papworth Hospital.

“Charmaine’s friends wanted to hold a ball and we’re hoping to make it an annual thing. We’re appealing for sponsors to come forward and get involved. Anyone interested should call me on 07517196153.”