King’s Lynn man hanged himself over end of marriage

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A father-of-three hanged himself two days after divorce papers from his wife arrived in the post, an inquest heard.

Graham Searle blamed himself for the breakdown of his 32-year marriage to wife Christine, and wanted to try and make another go of their relationship.

But when his wife told him they would be friends at best, he became “particularly upset” and did not show as usual when he was due to be picked up for work the following day.

The inquest at Lynn County Court yesterday heard friend Graham Tansley was due to pick Mr Searle up on August 6.

He called at his home address in Festival Close, Lynn, and tried ringing his phone, but could not get an answer.

He rang Mrs Searle to get her to come home from work, and when they went inside the house together, they found Mr Searle hanging from a cable in the front room.

In a statement read at the hearing, Mrs Searle said her husband did not seem bothered by the breakdown of their marriage at first, and would regularly go out drinking with friends she did not know.

She said they did not speak to each other and he also stopped speaking to their children, but at the end of July he changed and wanted to give the relationship another go.

Norfolk coroner Jacqueline Lake said she could not record a verdict of suicide as there was no specific evidence, such as a suicide note, to suggest he intended to take his life.

She said: “Mr Searle hanged himself but his intention at that time is not known.”