KING’S LYNN: Parts of Lynn to be without water until 9pm tonight

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Water is not expected to be returned to parts of Lynn until 9pm tonight (Friday, October 26).

Anglian Water has apologised after hundreds of homes and businesses in the town have been left without a supply after a main burst in Kettlewell Lane this morning.

A number of cafes and takeways have been closed all day due to the problems while others have managed to carry on.

A statement from the company said: “We are very sorry for the disruption and inconvenience caused to businesses and customers in Lynn town centre who have been affected by a loss of water supply following a burst water main on Kettlewell Lane.

“A 14in water pipe burst this morning causing around 300 properties in the town and surrounding area to lose supplies.

“By lunchtime, the supply to almost 200 of these affected customers was restored, albeit on lower than normal pressure. Unfortunately, 100 properties have been without water throughout the day.

“We anticipate that the repair will be fully completed later on this evening, approximately 9pm.

“Our engineers have been on site throughout the day attempting to repair the damaged section of pipe. Regrettably due to the size and location of this water main the repair has taken significantly longer than we initially hoped.

“We recognise that this burst has caused widespread disruption and affected businesses in the area and we are truly sorry for this.”

Market Bistro, in Saturday Market Place, hopes to be open by 6pm.