King’s Lynn primary pupils off to college

Nelson visit to Cowa ANL-140627-180226001
Nelson visit to Cowa ANL-140627-180226001
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Nearly 100 pupils from Eastgate Academy in Lynn and the Nelson Academy in Downham were given lots to do when they visited two neighbouring schools.

It was organised under the umbrella of the College of West Anglia, part of the same academy. Over two days 45 pupils from each school enjoyed their fact-finding trips to the Lynn Campus and to one at Milton, near Cambridge, also part of the CWA Academy Trust. Exercises were arranged to meet curriculum needs, particularly to bring maths and English into everything the young people did.

Students were sorted into groups and participated in a round robin of the different curriculum areas.

At Lynn the pupils experienced media make-up and hairdressing, pictured, robotics by programming Lego robots, forensic science, and air cabin crew training.

At Milton the students were involved in animal care, agriculture and equine activities.